Please note: Metaforms has reached end-of-life. Support for existing customers terminates December 2023


MetaForms 3 lets you manage and publish XML documents through TopLeaf on your Intranet. Use your web browser to access TopLeaf document composition and publishing functions, and assemble output.

MetaForms 3 is a simple, low-cost document management system suitable for Intranet-based publications groups. Perfect for the creation and management of technical manuals, user documentation, or customized training material.

MetaForms can provide automated, centralized document management and production services:

  • compose XML documents via TopLeaf XML Composition Software
  • integrates to TopLeaf through XMLComposer
  • document check-in/check-out control and version management
  • full-text index and search TopLeaf repositories
  • manage any file - from TopLeaf partitions, to Word documents
  • assemble large documents through WebBooks™ - merge TopLeaf partitions with PostScript or PDF files
  • integrated server-based zipping of folders
  • create master tables of contents and indexes
  • web-based administration/configuration and management

Download the user guide

(MetaForms 3 requires a TopLeaf Enterprise license, and an XMLComposer license, both sold separately.)


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